Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Beaking Cervix, but not worried!

I should have posted this yesterday; oops!

Everything looks great - Baby Boy is 1 lb 8 oz!!!!! He would NOT let her get a pic of his face in 3d, he kept putting his hands up and boxing. When she would jiggle my stomach he would punch back with both hands, it was pretty funny!
Cervix is still long and closed BUT she noticed a tiny bit of "beaking" above the TAC. Below the TAC there is about 3.5cm of closed cervix. Above the TAC, there was almost 1 cm but it was beaked. She pushed hard at the top of my uterus and the pressure caused it to momentarily funnel, but the TAC is holding everything in, thank God!

My OB didn't want to see me for another month (and no sono) which kinda freaked me out. She said I was no longer being treated for incompetent cervix, but only monitoring for PTL, since I'm past the point of viability. I see her point, but I talked her into letting me get a cervical length check at my next appointment in a month.  :)

Also, she said hospital policy is no elective c-section before 40 weeks without one of the major issues (pre-e, eclampsia, etc). She said a cerclage is not a reason to have an elective C at 38 weeks and she would have to go to the Chief and request approval IF my TAC surgeon gives her a good enough reason. She's got a conference call with him tomorrow and he requests a 38wk c-section to prevent uterine rupture since there's so much pressure on the band. I'm totally fine with going the whole 40 weeks if I can (plus I can get an April Fool's baby, if he will stay in that long). I'm not going to think about it just yet, but enjoy the time I have now. It's all so overwhelming!

Here is a 3d of his sweet little face:


  1. Glad to hear your TAC is holding strong! I'm waiting to hear back from my insurance...hoping I get approved but if not, I'm in for the fight! LOL.

  2. I would not worry about the beaking too much either. Dr. D states that you should only be concerned with the measurement from the TAC downward. This is the area I MAKE my OB and MFM measure. As long as there is no funneling through or past the TAC. Isn't it wonderful to be at viability? To know that IC is not a factor just PTL? I love hearing good news!

  3. Thanks ladies! And, thanks Marie, I should have come to you first with the question! You are so knowledgeable on what to do WITH the TAC and what's normal/not. I just felt like, "hey, I got it placed, I'm good to go." Thank you for your wealth of knowledge! Love you sister!!!