Monday, November 29, 2010

Weekly Check-in

How far along? 22w3d, a papaya!
Weight gain/loss: +4
Sleep? Tossing and turning about once an hour :(
Best moment this week?  Being able to get around and DO things!
Movement: He's been quiet for a few days, but reassures me that he's still there by small kicks.  He must be going through a growth spurt!
Food cravings: SPICY!  We had Taco Bell twice this weekend for lunch with Fire sauce, then buffalo wings.  I think instead of me HAVING a boy, I'm turning into one...
What I miss? Nothing really, it will all be worth it!
What I am looking forward to? Next ultrasound on the 7th
Milestones: He can now taste what I eat...
What I'm nervous about: Nothing right now!

Saturday, November 27, 2010


Not only am I pregnant, but I'm SO close to viability!!!  Not that we're expecting him ANYtime soon (he WILL be born at 38 weeks if I can do anything about it).  I'm SO SO SO SO thankful for the mobility that I have with the TAC.  I feel so NORMAL.  I think every day how scared I was to conceive again, knowing that with a vaginal cerclage that gravity would be my enemy.  Being in bed for 22 hours a day sounded fun at first, but I can't imagine being on strict bed rest the entire pregnancy.  I feel for my friends who are currently in that situation.  I know that it's temporary, but it takes a TON of energy to not go insane in the membrane. 

I put up Christmas lights yesterday, DEEP cleaned my kitchen, carried stuff, rearranged furniture, vaccuumed, took a walk, went shopping and to Taco Bell.  To most people, those don't sound like glamorous things, but when I think of the alternative, I am SO thankful that I was able to physically handle those tasks.

On a daily basis, I'm so glad I went this route with the TAC.  It was scarier at first (major abdominal surgery in the first trimester!?  insane!) but now I have this confidence that my body CAN do the right thing!

If I could outlaw the vaginal cerclage, I would.  I wish insurance companies would cover, and I wish surgeons would learn and recommend it.  I think the efforts are in place to have the medical field re-think the surgery, but it can't happen too soon to save these precious lives.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

No change in cervix!!!!!!

STILL measuring 4.2 cm!!!!!!!!!!  The TAC is gorgeous and I can see it supporting my boy.  Everything is going textbook perfect so far.  I feel so blessed.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Nursery Progress

I hate traditional nurseries for the most part.  I don't like the cookie cutter cutesy bed-in-a-bag packages they sell at BRU.  I don't like clutter or knick-knacks. I hate pastels.  I dislike ornate furniture.  We're not using crib bumpers or a bed skirt or a changing table.  I'm just buying stuff that we like as we go along.  I'm spending very very little - the splurgiest thing in his room right now is the Skip Hop Hare brush set for $25.00.  Everything else was either on clearance or half off.  All the furniture is from IKEA.  We are not painting the room, either.

Now that you know where I'm coming from, here are the pics so far.  Still have a LONG way to go, but it's fun to document where it started.

You can click on any photo to make it bigger!

To the left, 2 Billy bookcases (IKEA) and a Poang chair (IKEA) and in the forefront, a total photobomber (dog butt). Curtains are from Wal-Mart (hometrend?)  The pattern is called "Cascade."
Front view of bookcases and 2 dog butts

Wall decal that will possibly go above the crib.  I loved the colors;  Keith corrected me that it's a bass and not a guitar.  Oops.

The crib ensemble - the left is a sheet and the soft blankie on the right.  That's all.  I am getting some Miracle Crib sheets and a couple of extra white ones.  These were on clearance at BRU, paid less than $15 for both.

My splurge item for the twins - a Skip Hop Hare brush and comb set.  So stinkin' cute!

I'm big on books.  We have a decent starting point but I'm hoping to fill both bookcases!  Green dot storage box from Target, I plan on getting a couple more of these.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning Guy...

So I'm pretty sure little man is a morning person. Around 6:30 each morning he's really really moving and goes until about noon.  By the time Keith gets home, he's exhausted himself and doesn't move much.  I truly think Keith's never going to get to feel him move if little guy wears himself out every day by 6 pm.  Maybe he'll stay on the same schedule throughout pregnancy and into the newborn stage?  LOL, yeah right.

His strength in there amazes me.  I never got to feel the twins so each thump is magical.  I've googled images of babies at 21 week development and am just so amazed!  I mean, we know what 17w4d looks like, and 18w2d but 21 weeks is even more developed and almost incomprehensible that there's a little person in there!!

This is finally getting really REAL.  We're going to bring home a little BOY in 17 weeks.  I should probably get working!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Weekly Check-In

How far along?  20w5d, a banana...  I don't think he's that skinny!
Weight gain/loss:  At home, I've gained 1 lb.  According to OB last week, I'm up 4.
Sleep? Waking up hourly to pee.  Seriously... I drink water all day and rarely go.  I take 1 sip before bed and I'm up all night!
Best moment this week? Feeling him move from the outside.  I can't wait for K to feel it, I'm going to make him try tonight.
Movement: Yes, he was a little quiet at the beginning of the week, but he's now back in full force, drumming away n there with his big biceps.  He's been going almost nonstop today.  The movements are SO much bigger now!  I hope he doesn't break my ribs later on...
Food cravings: Plain, dry hamburger on a bun with lots of salt!  I had 2 yesterday :)
What I miss? Nothing really, it will all be worth it!
What I am looking forward to? Cervical scan and peek at the boy next Tuesday!
Milestones:  He can now taste what I eat...
What I'm nervous about: Nothing right now!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Weekly Check-in and some Ultrasound pictures!

How far along? 19w5d, a cantaloupe!?
Weight gain/loss: Up 4 lbs since 1st appointment - he weighed 12 ounces yesterday!
Sleep? Tossing and turning a little, but sleeping well.
Best moment this week? Seeing him on ultrasound again; he is perfect and all is well!  Cervix is still rock solid!!
Movement: Yes, it's amazing!  He's getting stronger every day.
Food cravings: Nothing really
What I miss? Nothing really, it will all be worth it!
What I am looking forward to? Being pregnant during the holidays.
Milestones: Big movement
What I'm nervous about: Nothing right now!

And now for the ultrasound photos.  She said my skin doesn't conduct sound very well so my ultrasounds are going to be blurry until I'm later on - she said 24-28 weeks will be my optimal time...  For now, enjoy the grains!

Legs; he was chilled out!

He's a happy little guy, he was smiling in all the photos - which is why I'm pushing my #1 name choice (Isaac) because it means "laughing one."  So sweet!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

It's a Boy!!!!!

Our third boy!  Here's my weekly check-in that I'm slacking on...

How far along? 18w5d, a mango!
Weight gain/loss: I think I'm back to my prepregnancy weight.
Sleep? The windows are open at night with a very cool breeze, I'm sleeping great!
Best moment this week? The nursery furniture is all in place - 2 small bookcases, a huge dresser, a crib and rocker!  I love IKEA.
Movement: Yes, it's amazing!
Food cravings: Nothing really
What I miss? Still Jonah and Noah.
What I am looking forward to? Next Tuesday is our big anatomy scan to make sure all his parts are healthy.
Milestones: I'm past the point where I lost both of the twins.
What I'm nervous about: Trying to stay calm.

In keeping with the arm theme from below, here's his humongous bicep.  Future pitcher!!!