Saturday, November 27, 2010


Not only am I pregnant, but I'm SO close to viability!!!  Not that we're expecting him ANYtime soon (he WILL be born at 38 weeks if I can do anything about it).  I'm SO SO SO SO thankful for the mobility that I have with the TAC.  I feel so NORMAL.  I think every day how scared I was to conceive again, knowing that with a vaginal cerclage that gravity would be my enemy.  Being in bed for 22 hours a day sounded fun at first, but I can't imagine being on strict bed rest the entire pregnancy.  I feel for my friends who are currently in that situation.  I know that it's temporary, but it takes a TON of energy to not go insane in the membrane. 

I put up Christmas lights yesterday, DEEP cleaned my kitchen, carried stuff, rearranged furniture, vaccuumed, took a walk, went shopping and to Taco Bell.  To most people, those don't sound like glamorous things, but when I think of the alternative, I am SO thankful that I was able to physically handle those tasks.

On a daily basis, I'm so glad I went this route with the TAC.  It was scarier at first (major abdominal surgery in the first trimester!?  insane!) but now I have this confidence that my body CAN do the right thing!

If I could outlaw the vaginal cerclage, I would.  I wish insurance companies would cover, and I wish surgeons would learn and recommend it.  I think the efforts are in place to have the medical field re-think the surgery, but it can't happen too soon to save these precious lives.


  1. I am right there with you Trisha! I have lost ALL faith in the vaginal cerlage. I am in awe everyday when I realize I am still upright. At this gestation in he last pregnancy I was on strict bedrest and funneled. I am not as adventurous as you though..... I am too nervous to do anything, but the minute I pass my loss zone (16-21 weeks) I am giving myself permission to be NORMAL!!!! Good job Trisha!

  2. I wonder why my doc still wants me on modified bed rest even with the Tac. It might be because my cervix is quite short to begin with. But you are right, moving about gives you so much freedom. Bedrest is very very hard. Good luck!