Thursday, November 18, 2010

Morning Guy...

So I'm pretty sure little man is a morning person. Around 6:30 each morning he's really really moving and goes until about noon.  By the time Keith gets home, he's exhausted himself and doesn't move much.  I truly think Keith's never going to get to feel him move if little guy wears himself out every day by 6 pm.  Maybe he'll stay on the same schedule throughout pregnancy and into the newborn stage?  LOL, yeah right.

His strength in there amazes me.  I never got to feel the twins so each thump is magical.  I've googled images of babies at 21 week development and am just so amazed!  I mean, we know what 17w4d looks like, and 18w2d but 21 weeks is even more developed and almost incomprehensible that there's a little person in there!!

This is finally getting really REAL.  We're going to bring home a little BOY in 17 weeks.  I should probably get working!

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