Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Group B Strep

One thing I did fail to mention, because it was not caused by the TAC and I don't want anyone to unnecessarily worry about something rare happening, is that Isaac developed a Group B Strep (GBS) infection 2 weeks after we brought him home.  Actually, it was just a few days after I wrote my March 26 post.  He was inconsolable one night, and after driving around with him at 4 am and calling a nurse line, we took him to the ER.  He endured some awful testing (spinal tap, blood draws) an ambulance ride, among many other things, and spent 11 days in a Children's hospital with a PICC line in his head receiving antibiotics.

Moral of the story:  While very rare, GBS can still be transmitted to baby in a c-section delivery.  Who knew.

Another moral of my story:  Make sure to do your kick counts in the 3rd trimester.  If you feel off at ALL, go into Labor and Delivery.  He was always such a mover; when he slowed down I knew something was wrong, and it turned out that I was right.  Something was indeed wrong and he was delivered that day.  Do your kick counts, mamas!  I almost lost my baby.

ETA: Thanks ladies.  We believe it was being hidden by all the broad spectrum antibiotics he was briefly given in the NICU, and then it returned full force after he was released.


If you want to read about my journey with the TAC, you can start at the beginning.  I won't be making any updates, but I wanted to keep this blog up as I was pretty dedicated at documenting my experience.  I'm sad that ANYone has to experience this surgery and the loss that most likely preceded it, but know that it has helped so many of us take home our full-term (or near-term) healthy babies.