Thursday, December 23, 2010

Last 2nd Tri Check-in: 99 days left!!!!!

This is my last 2nd tri check-in!  On to the third trimester next week.  I can't believe I've made it this far!!!

How far along? 25w6d, an eggplant! He should be around 15.5 inches long at this point!

Weight gain/loss: 7 pounds?  Not sure why all the fluctuations... 

Sleep? I'm sleeping GREAT!
Best moment this week? Figuring out why I was having contractions.  I was otherwise getting pretty scared and we were emotionally preparing ourselves for his arrival.  Also, we ordered the high chair today so that was fun!

Movement:  He's slowed down quite a bit but he's still wriggling around in there.  I really think he has less room to move around, so the movements are not quite as strong.

Food cravings: Spicy, spicy spicy. Hot wings and Taco Bell with lots of fire sauce! <-- This, still!+

What I miss? I hate this question.
What I am looking forward to? Next OB appt on January 4!

Milestones: Almost in the 3rd trimester. :)
What I'm nervous about: The Diabetes Counseling classes I have to take starting January 4. :(

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Contractions and GD

So last week I was having contractions while on the toco monitor.  Quite a few of them, 5 an hour to be exact.  Nothing earth-shatteringly scary, but definitely enough to keep me in bed for a couple of days.

I think we figured out why, though - I was laying propped with pillows on my back.  The nurses said that sometimes if blood flow to the uterus is hampered at all, the uterus will respond by becoming irritable.  Whew!!!!  I've since been monitoring on my side and so far only 1-2 contractions picked up.  I'm very thankful, we are NOT wanting to meet Little Man this soon!

Yesterday I got diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes.  Not happy about that, but I guess the bright side is that I'm being forced into a healthy diet.  I like healthy foods, so that won't be a problem.  I just really like sweet and unhealthy foods, too.  He will be worth it.  All worth it!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Weekly Check-in

How far along? 24w6d, almost an eggplant! I'm sure he's close to 2 lbs already.

Weight gain/loss: +8'ish

Sleep? We've been so busy with family in town that sleep is great!  I pass out every night and only get up 2-3 times to go to the bathroom, then pass right back out.
Best moment this week? Keith FINALLY felt him kick from the outside.  He also was able to see it from the outside.  Our boy is a strong one! 

Movement: Yes, lots!  He seems to be on my schedule, active during the day (he starts moving right when I wake up) and is pretty quiet through the night.  Last night we were driving home from getting dinner and were stopped by a freight train.  We had the windows open since it was 78 degrees (in December!) and we were the first in line waiting for the train to pass.  It shrieked the horn and the poor little guy jumped - as much as he could within a cramped uterus, that is.  The train horn was SO loud that it scared him! 

Food cravings: Spicy, spicy spicy.  Hot wings and Taco Bell with lots of fire sauce!
What I miss? This is always such a hard question.  Although I miss quite a few things, I don't really feel like I'm giving up anything that is going to matter.  I just want this baby to be born healthy and as close to term as possible.  I can give up Diet Coke and a calm stomach for 9 months, really, I can. 
What I am looking forward to? Next OB appt on January 4!
Milestones: We already hit viability and next week his eyes will start to open!!!! 
What I'm nervous about: Results of my 3 hour glucose test...   I'm anxiously awaiting their call.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oh Yeah, and failed the 1 hour GTT :(

Grrrrr.. 3 hour next Wednesday.

Beaking Cervix, but not worried!

I should have posted this yesterday; oops!

Everything looks great - Baby Boy is 1 lb 8 oz!!!!! He would NOT let her get a pic of his face in 3d, he kept putting his hands up and boxing. When she would jiggle my stomach he would punch back with both hands, it was pretty funny!
Cervix is still long and closed BUT she noticed a tiny bit of "beaking" above the TAC. Below the TAC there is about 3.5cm of closed cervix. Above the TAC, there was almost 1 cm but it was beaked. She pushed hard at the top of my uterus and the pressure caused it to momentarily funnel, but the TAC is holding everything in, thank God!

My OB didn't want to see me for another month (and no sono) which kinda freaked me out. She said I was no longer being treated for incompetent cervix, but only monitoring for PTL, since I'm past the point of viability. I see her point, but I talked her into letting me get a cervical length check at my next appointment in a month.  :)

Also, she said hospital policy is no elective c-section before 40 weeks without one of the major issues (pre-e, eclampsia, etc). She said a cerclage is not a reason to have an elective C at 38 weeks and she would have to go to the Chief and request approval IF my TAC surgeon gives her a good enough reason. She's got a conference call with him tomorrow and he requests a 38wk c-section to prevent uterine rupture since there's so much pressure on the band. I'm totally fine with going the whole 40 weeks if I can (plus I can get an April Fool's baby, if he will stay in that long). I'm not going to think about it just yet, but enjoy the time I have now. It's all so overwhelming!

Here is a 3d of his sweet little face:

Monday, December 6, 2010

Weekly Check-in

Okay, these are getting boring... but the good news is, boring is good!  I don't really have much going on, just coasting through the end of the 2nd trimester, praying to be unscathed. 

How far along? 23w3d, a papaya!
Weight gain/loss: +6
Sleep? Tossing and turning about once an hour :(
Best moment this week?  Being able to get around and DO things!

Movement: I can see it from the outside most of the time.  Daddy is still too impatient to wait a few minutes to feel it.  I think his feelings are hurt that he doesn't react as soon as he hears Daddy's voice. I have to remind him that baby is not a circus performer and he doesn't perform on demand.  There are moments of serious movement that are quite entertaining to watch!  Movement is also getting into a pattern - anytime I wake up in the middle of the night, he gets going, and when I'm up in the morning, I feel him going crazy.  Again around mid-morning, he has another strong one.  Things will get quiet for a few hours, then around dinner time, he goes again, then once more before going to sleep.  Pretty soon he's going to wake me up in the middle of the night!

Food cravings: Peanuts in shells, peanut butter, Reese's peanut butter cups, Peanut butter granola bars... can't get enough!
What I miss? Nothing really, it will all be worth it!
What I am looking forward to? Next ultrasound on December 7th
Milestones: His lungs are starting to grow and mature!
What I'm nervous about: Nothing right now!  I take that back, I'm nervous for the glucose tolerance test tomorrow..... :(