Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Told My OB....

She was great!  I was really nervous to tell her, since we had already had her plan in place - to get the preventative transvaginal cerclage at 14 weeks.  She did admit that some of her patients with the TVC ended up on bedrest and early contractions, which made me feel even more sure about the TAC.  She said it was my experience, and I was making a choice for my health, and she supported that.  Around 16 weeks, we'll start weekly P17 shots that keep the uterus calm and continue those through nearly the end.  I knew in my heart she would be understanding after all that she saw us go through, but there was of course this small fear that I would have to find a new OB.  I feel like I can't handle ANY curveballs this time around, I'm already on pins and needles as it is!

Speaking of curve balls, apparently during my ultrasound there was an unidentified mass measuring about 1 inch around on my right ovary.  The sonographer was looking for blood flow on it, presumably making sure it wasn't a baby growing outside of where it's supposed to.  Although incredibly rare, it's called a heteroectopic pregnancy, and she didn't exactly rule that out.  Whatever the mass is, it currently did not have a heartbeat.  It is most likely a corpus luteal cyst that will eventually break down on it's own.  I'm going to have Dr. Haney check it out visually when he's in there in a few weeks, if it's not gone by then.  It surely gave us quite a scare; seriously, please, no more curveballs!  I have enough to worry about.

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