Tuesday, July 27, 2010


Things are SO much different.  Last time, at 4 weeks pregnant, I was buzzing inside with excitement.  I felt like I had  a secret that no one could know.  I was hopeful; the two weeks before the first sono went quickly.  This time around, I'm just nervous and scared and want to lay in bed and not move.  I feel like the days are dragging by - 10 days still until the first sonogram.  I am scared to find out how many babies are in there!  K cannot get over the thought that there could be 3 in there and has been discussing what we'd do for vehicles and how many more cribs we'll have to buy. 

This morning, I scheduled a phone consultation with Dr. Haney in Chicago and we'll be talking to him this Thursday morning.  I'm nervous and I hope I'm a good candidate for the transabdominal cerclage (TAC) procedure that will take place around 10 weeks.

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