Thursday, July 29, 2010

Adjusting to the idea of a new future...

When I was pg with the twins, I tried to resume all my normal activities to the best of my ability - cook dinner for 40 people at church?  Done.  Move small furniture and deep clean the house?  Done.  Stand on a ladder and clean the ledges in our house?  Oh yeah, I can do it!!!!!  Being pregnant was NOT going to stop me.  I was not a fragile flower, I always hated "those" pregnant women.  I hated the ones who stood there like morons who rubbed their gut (not even showing) and stupidly stared into the distance.  I think years of infertility jades you to feel scornful at those seemingly normal "pregnant woman" things.

When I found out the test strip was positive and the bloodwork confirmed this time, I've been terrified to move.  Terrified.  I thought of the future, when I hit that dreaded danger zone starting at 17 weeks, that even with surgery, I would be on bed rest and terrified to move.  I'm afraid to pick something up for fear it will disrupt implantation.  I was looking toward spending my entire pregnancy in fear and in bed, until...

I talked to Dr. Haney today and he said things will be as if I were in a "normal" pregnancy.  When I get my bionic cervix, I can do all the things a normal pregnant woman can do - I can walk around the neighborhood, do yoga if I'm so inclined, stand in the kitchen for a couple of hours, do anything that I feel well enough to do.  This excites me.  I am not normally a super active person anyway, but it always makes me feel better emotionally and physically to get my blood pumping.  I'm looking forward to being mobile rather than atrophying away physically and mentally.

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  1. I feel the same way! I am going to be terrified to move an inch. I know being inactive isn't the healthiest way to go through pregnancy, so it will be a huge struggle to try to be somewhat "normal".