Thursday, July 29, 2010

Phone Consult with Dr. Arthur Haney

We have hope!!!  Dr. Haney explained in very clear terms that what went wrong with Jonah and Noah was NOT normal, and was indeed caused by an incompetent cervix.  At this point, we are scheduling around Labor Day!  He carefully explained that there are basically a couple of ways of treating it.

1) The most prescribed way in modern America - the transvaginal cerclage (TVC).  It's placed preventatively around 13 weeks and is done through the vagina - basically your cervix is sewn shut near the bottom.  There is typically a full bedrest situation afterward, and is about 75-85% effective.  Effective, to the medical world, means live birth.  Even live births that are severely preterm with lifelong medical complications are considered success stories.  Full term, healthy birth is probably less than the 75%.  This cerclage is placed low on the cervix and the pressure of the baby can still push down, causing you to dilate and funnel.  There's a lot of pressure being placed on the cervix itself.  Water can break at any time and can even tear the cervix where the stitch is placed.  Here's an illustration, courtesy of

2. The less common, but more effective way is through the abdomen - the transabdominal cerclage (TAC).  A c-section like incision is made and a band (made of merselene) is placed tightly high on the cervix.  Dr. Haney said that you can lift a person off the ground with this band, it's THAT strong.  It can be placed pre-pregnancy (his preference) or during pregnancy (up to 11 weeks or so).  It's there forever, and will already be in place for future pregnancies.  I will ONLY be able to give birth via c-section. Recovery time is quick and as Dr. Haney said, "You will have a bionic cervix."  It won't go anywhere.  He said that he cannot prevent me from getting GD or pre-eclampsia, or any other kind of pregnancy complication, but he can guarantee that my cervix will be rock solid.  It can be placed via robot (Da Vinci) or laparoscopically, but the old school method is best - manual insertion by a skilled surgeon.  Dr. Haney said that in my situation, he would give me a 100% success rate for my cervix to carry to full term (38 weeks)!!!  Another illustration of the three different cerclages, again courtesy of


  1. Congrats! I am having a TAC done on 19 AUG 11. Failed emergency TVC and failing TVC. Baby born premature in 2009, but she is fine now.


  2. I wish I could have seen this doctor when I was pregnant. My third pregnancy I had a transvaginal cerclage, which didn't work. With my fourth pregnancy I had an abdominal put in, and it didn't work. I want to be a mother more than anything, but can't afford adoption and I don't want to go through pregnancy again knowing it might fail. God bless those who are going through this