Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Plan of Attack!!!!!

I had my bi-weekly checkup today and baby looks great.  I noted that I felt some hard lumpiness near the outer edge of the top of my uterus, almost near my hip.  My OB confirmed that it was close enough to my incision that she feels confident in my assessment that it is scar tissue from the surgery already building up.  Totally not a big deal, but I won't say it didn't freak me out when I felt it last week!!!

Our plan of attack is unfolding to ensure I make it tto 38 weeks:

1) Weekly 17P shots.  My insurance won't cover a weekly home health nurse to come in JUST to do a shot, so they will come in 2 times.  The first time, the nurse will give me the shot while teaching K how to do it.  He will then be watched during the second visit to make sure he does it right.  The insurance will send us the shot supplies via mail order pharmacy so we'll have them on hand.  I'm terrified that he's going to be in charge of giving me an intramuscular shot each week.  I better not piss him off!!!!

2) Bi-weekly cervical length ultrasounds.  My sonographer has been SPOILING ME rotten and giving me full-on ultrasounds every other week.  I don't think she's supposed to, but I love her for doing it!!!!

3) Daily contraction monitoring through the phone line at my home!!  When the home health nurse company called and explained this, I thought it was so cool!  She said they will come out with a Vonage box (we already have one) and hook this machine up to the phone line.  I will attach the monitor to my stomach for 1 hour two times per day and it transmits the data to their "corporate" office that is monitored 24/7 by a nursing staff.

What a world we live in today!  Without my bionic cervix, fertility scientists, sonograms, and high speed internet, I would never be able to a) get pregnant or b) probably ever give birth to a live baby.  I'm so thankful that God has put people on this Earth to provide us with such abundance!!!

Here's what our Baby thinks of all this (taken today):


  1. LOVE these! What a great plan of action. I'm terrified about the P17 shots when the time comes...DH said he won't do them (too queasy) so it will be up to me...YIKES.

  2. Lara, I'll probably end up doing some in the thigh, but he's in charge of the butt shots. He's too tentative and I'm afraid it will just prolong the pain!! I guess all the IF needles have prepared me for this. You'll do fine; he will either sack up and do it, or you'll be able to do it yourself. Or.... I will come to you and do them!! :)